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Sensei Mike Pepe

Sensei Mike Pepe
Michael Pepe was born in 1956 and grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts. He began karate training under the direction of Thomas A. Wirtanen in 1976 and received his Black Belt in 1981. At the 1991 Winter Budo Camp, Mr. Pepe received the prestigious Spirit Award, which is given to one student at each camp for their spirit and enthusiasm while in pursuit of training. In 1993, the Shorin-ryu Karate Academy honored Mr. Pepe with the "teacher of the year" award.

In 2007, Mr. Pepe was awarded the title of "Senior Instructor" with the Beisho association and holds the rank of sixth degree black belt. Mr. Pepe also holds the rank of fourth degree black belt in Okinawan kobudo. He has formally studied kyudo (Japanese archery) and has won tournaments in kendo (Japanese sword fighting). He holds Beisho proficiency certificates in Taiji at the senior level and in Kengei (the arts of Japanese swordsmanship) at the joden level. In January 2002, Mr. Pepe accomplished the incredible feat of completing 101 consecutive Jiu-jitsu matches, over three hours of continuous grappling at the age of 46. In 2004, Mr. Pepe had the opportunity to spend several weeks in Brazil training with members of the famous Gracie Jiu jitsu family under the direction of Rilion Gracie. He continues to study and compete in the Royce Gracie system of Jiu-jitsu.

Mr. Pepe is employed as a firefighter. His wife, Kristen, holds the rank of Fourth degree Black Belt in karate, and has studied Naginata (the Japanese art of the halberd). They have a daughter, Morgan and a son, Nicholas. Mr. Pepe is Vice President and Assistant Chief Instructor of SKKAA

Sensei Kristen Pepe

Sensei Kristen Pepe
Kristen Pepe was born in Tewksbury Massachusetts in 1969. She graduated from Tewksbury High School and attended the University of Massachusetts graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

She received her first degree Black Belt in Shorin-ryu karate in 1995 and attained her second degree Black Belt in 1997, her Third degree Black Belt in 2005 and her Fourth degree Black Belt in 2010. She is a Third degree Black Belt in Kobudo. She also holds the rank of Instructor with the SKKAA.

Under the instruction of Sensei Fran Vall, Mrs. Pepe trains in Naginata, a halberd type weapon used almost exclusively by Samurai women. She is a member of both the United States Naginata Federation, and the East Coast Naginata Federation. She currently holds the rank of Ikkyu.

Kristen is married to Sensei Michael Pepe of the SKKAA and together they have two children, Morgan and Nicholas. Ms. Pepe holds the title of Secretary/Treasurer and is a member of the Board of Directors of

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