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Sessa (Bun)Kai: 
Applications to Karate Techniques
from the Sessa Kai Dojo

Bunkai literally means "analysis", but many people say "application". You can find information on applications from many sources. Some I recommend are; Pressure Point fighting by Rick Clark, Bunkai Jitsu by Iain Abernethy and of course sensei Youtube.

Here we will show you some of our favorite bunkai, demonstrating various techniques from kata. We hope that by viewing these videos, you will step away from your computer for a moment and "analyze" these bunkai. We hope to inspire you to explore kata of your style and "discover" some bunkai of your own!

Sensei Mike Pepe



Fukyu Gata Ichi Technique


Fukyu Gata Dai Ni Technique


 Pinan Nidan Technique

Pinan Sandan Technique


 Pinan Yondan Technique


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