Don't Wipe That Sweat!

by Sensei Mike Pepe

Always be aware! This is a typical karate maxim... so you are sparring, working up a good sweat. Yamie!, Sensei shouts. Finally, a break. Your sweating and now you wipe your forehead, eyes or nose. You don't even know you've done it... thats bad!

Suddenly, Sensei says "don't wipe that sweat like that!" and you think "What... I'm wiping my sweat wrong? What's he talking about?" Here's what I tell them. "When you put your hand over your face you can't see... that is when you'll get hit!" To see this outside the dojo... When you look down to change the radio station while driving, thats when you'll get into an accident. If you're about to get into a fight and your nose itches, you scratch it, BANG!, thats when you get hit!

To remedy this, I tell them "you must take a step away from your opponent and turn around claiming (to yourself), "I'm taking a time out"). This makes you consciously aware that you are looking away and that you are lifting your arm.

This, I feel, begins to work the basic need of all us students... the need to BE AWARE!

Good luck in your training!

Sensei Mike




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