Secret to Success

by Sensei Mike Pepe

It was an hour after practice and all the players were gone, even the coach. There were only three people on the court, the ball boy, the reporter and the famous Larry Bird.

"Larry, what makes you so good?" The reporter was asking. "What is the secret to your success?" "I don't know," said Larry, taking yet another shot (about his 200th of the session). As the reporter moved around the court to keep up with Larry Bird who was continuing to shoot, he said, "but Larry, there must be something you do that sets you apart from everyone else, what's your secret?"

"I really don't know," says Larry.

Now he's been on the floor for an hour and a half and has taken almost 500 extra shots. With the interview finished, the reporter leaves. Now there are only two people left on the court. The ball boy and the famous Larry Bird.

The reporter never found the secret to Larry's success and Larry wasn't saying, but the answer is right here in these paragraphs.

Can you figure out the secret to success?

Good luck in your training!

Sensei Mike




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