Open or Closed

by Sensei Mike Pepe

There are over 300 moves in any karate style (even more). That means I have to learn the easy ones as a beginner and the harder ones when I get better. That's a lot to remember! But wait! Isn't a shuto uke the same as a renforced chest block? (moroto uke) and isn't a high block (jodan uke) very close to a forearm strike? And the list goes on.

By putting a label on a move, putting a name to it, you close your mind to ANY other options it could a punch really a punch? a block really a block?

Don't close your mind to moves that are alike. Dynamics work for both. Don't sweat it! Just remember the move you already know that looks the same! Remember, you have learned all the "moves" by the time you're a green belt! so next time you hear sensei say the the words "it's just a move" or "it's just....this" you'll understand! (maybe)

Okay ,I'll say it this way... did you ever use a knife to screw a screw? ..But it's "labeled" a knife! You can't do that! Did you ever use a shoe to hammer something (see what I mean?) You have to remove the "label" in order to grow. Giving a technique a name is only to help you "see" what it is....

the open hand holds everything.... the closed hand nothing....

....research this well

Sensei Mike




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