by Sensei Mike Pepe

They call me Oni. I cannot walk but I get around. You read about me every day. I'm seen all around the world. You have met me many times and agreed with my ideals. Oni. You all have allowed me into your life. I am with you at work, in your home and while you play. My name is Oni. If you would open your eyes, I would be "a hideous monster with horns, a large mouth, fangs and tremendous physical strength" but you make no effort to send me away. It's so much easier to let me stick around than to drive me out. I like that. A place to live forever.

The Japanese have only one name for me. Oni. But you, you have many names for me… Prejudice. Jealousy. Alcohol. Racism. Indifference. You have many names for me but if you saw me as an Oni you would understand that I am "anything hidden or invisible that harms or kills humans."

..."Training the body is only half the battle. Training the mind the other."

The world is the dojo...

A Warrior Rambling

Sensei Mike




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