The False Swordsman

by Sensei Mike Pepe

Brothers they were, and they had a bond that couldn't be broken. Today they traveled down the road laughing and kidding each other as brothers often did. The older was known as the best swordsman in the land. He was well respected and everybody knew of his quick sword that could defeat danger in a single stroke. His younger brother idealized him and hoped to one day be even half as mighty as him.

Suddenly from the bushes came 5 bandits encircling the brothers. A chain flew from the group and entangled the older brother's arm. Fight as he might the chain held tight and he was swung around and dragged about while the others attacked his younger brother. Screams could be heard from the younger mans dying lips. Brother save me!! I am dying! Help me! The great swordsman continued to fight but never before had he encountered a chain and his razor sharp sword could not cut through it. The younger brother was dragged into the bushes and killed.

The bandits released the chain and ran off before the older brother could retaliate. Thinking he had done all he could to save his brother he was heartbroken. But he hadn't done everything he could. He could have saved his brother with one technique... Do YOU realize what it was?

Truly he is a false swordsman, willing to walk the walk and talk the talk but not able to give his all to save even his brother. They say "I'll give you the shirt off my back" or "I'd give my right arm for you." But when the time comes who are the real swordsmen. Are you one?

Will you be able to give your all to save even your own life? A finger into the eye socket? Biting through the flesh or tearing someone's lip. Will you continue to fight with a broken finger,arm or stab wound?

This story leaves many more questions than answers. The answer is inside you…

Remember this story well. I did.

A Warrior Rambling

*This story I first read from Blackbelt magazine Jan. 1982. Pg.36. It is also indexed into my library of magazine articles. Yes, I still have the magazine if you want the full story.




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