You Might Be A Dinosaur If...

by Sensei Mike Pepe

Dinosaurs, animals of an old world that help us learn about the past. Relics, some are called. Others proudly put them on a pedestal. However, they are getting harder and harder to find these days. As these dinosaurs died so did a little of our past.

The martial arts has its dinosaurs also. People who have walked the path and are here to tell us what the past was like. They guide us through our training.

They are the people we strive to emulate. They push us and sometimes pull us along. Their "present" will be our "past".

You might be a dinosaur if you trained pre-safety equipment and

You might be a dinosaur if your black belt student was born after you earned your black belt.

You might be a dinosaur if you've never missed a camp or clinic.

You could be a dinosaur if your black belt is so worn; students in the kid's class ask you "Don't you want a "new" one"!

Of course, you might be a dinosaur if your old karate photos are in black and white.

If you were at the Long Beach California tournament in 1964, you're definitely a dinosaur!

And you're a dinosaur if you trained through only four belt colors!

If you remember when gis came in only two colors, you're a dinosaur.

Who will be the dinosaurs of the future? Will you be one?

"The future is a gift waiting to be opened".

A warrior rambling

Sensei Mike



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