Quit Poking Me!

by Sensei Mike Pepe

There they were, two grown men, wrestling on the floor. Contorted and tangled together like a bad game of Twister. The idea of course is to make one say “uncle” due to a painful joint lock or choke. “Ouch!” Said the one. “Hee! Hee!” The other mumbled. “Did that hurt?”

“Ya, it did.”

“What about this.”

“Quit poking me!”

“I’m not poking, I’m using Tuite techniques. Are you going to pass out yet?”

“I’ll make you pass out if you don’t stop.”

“Wait, one more try. There. Do you feel like you’re going to puke?”

“No. What the heck is tuite anyway?”

They stop their ground fighting and leaning against the wall, the history of tuite begins to unfold.

"I read about it in a book I got on Dim Mak, death touch.”

“You were trying to kill me??”

“No, no. See, there are these pathways in your body that connect to different organs in your body. Kind of like acupuncture. In acupuncture, they try to take away pain. With Tuite or Kyusho, you try to introduce pain.”

“Well, you certainly did that.” The other said rubbing his arm. Whoever thought of “poking” at someone to win a fight anyway?”

“Well, believe it or not there was a book made back in 2698 BC. called the EMPEROR’S INTERNAL BOOK. Then in 300 BC a man named Pin Chuc was famous. It is said that his eyes were so bright he could see past obstacles like walls and buildings!”

“You mean, like X-ray vision! I don’t believe it.”

“Hey, I’m only telling you what the book said. Then there was this guy named Chang San Fen. He actually invented the hitting points. He was born way back in 1247 AD. They say he lived to be 143 years old.”

“I don’t believe I---.” “Hey, that what the book says! It also said he took on 200 soldiers and beat them all!”

“Ha, who’s he the first super hero!”?

Don’t laugh, These pathways are real! And each pressure point on a pathway is like a house. Many paths many houses on each path. Pressure points are found where nerves cross, where nerves split or where they are close to the surface. Hitting one can cause pain or numbness. Hitting two can cause unconsciousness. It is said that hitting four can cause death.”


“I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true. These are real spots and theoretically, they work. There is plenty of information but rumors and truth stand side by side separated only by one’s opinion. If you want to learn about it you have to work activity toward your goal of learning.”

Now, as they resumed their ground fighting they began pressing and poking at each others arm, legs, ribs and neck trying to locate even the most basic of tuite points.


“Did I get you?”

“No, did I get you?”

“No, poke me again!”


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Sensei Mike




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