The Dynamic art of Jiu-jitsu

by Sensei Mike Pepe

The budding martial artist learns to kick and punch how to control an opponent and how to inflict damage to the human body. However this development is very external. The art is an impact art. The subtitles of body position and muscle control that make a punch strong are very hard to convey. Tameshiwari (breaking) is supposed to help show how much force a properly executed technique can generate. However, how much wood can a 120 pound body break? Where do the purely physical end and the benefit of good dynamics begin?

   Think now of the beautiful and dynamic art of Jiu-jitsu. From the first day of training students learn that size doesnít matter. They learn from hands-on training how to control a larger personís body. They learn that even a slight turn of the body can negate a stronger opponentís movement. They see in 3-D how a properly executed technique will maximize the power from their smaller frame.

This immediate reinforcement is something that is lacking in the striking arts. Whereas the striking arts rely heavily on the studentís faith in their senseis teachings that a technique will stop a larger opponent, the student can neither see nor feel in real time if their technique would have truly worked due to better form or dynamics.

  The martial artist strikes empty air, wondering if each punch is stronger than the previous one.

 Now take a journey inside the body of a practicing Jiu-jitsu enthusiast and you will see and feel the body rooting itself. Also, see and feel the power of the hips and waist as the mind directs the body and the body responds to the actions of the opponent. Jiu-jitsu is an art full of dynamics, truly a dynamic art.

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Sensei Mike





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