What happens after the new?

by Sensei Mike Pepe

A cat wishes to sit on a ledge. The animal sees the ledge, orients to it, and decides to jump. The gaze flows out to the ledge as the body crouches, the spirit and energy of the cat are already on the ledge. Only the body remains behind. The cat uncoils and rejoins its spirit on the ledge. (Taken from Martial Arts a Spiritual Dimension-Peter Payne a large paperback of about 100 pages)

   This is very similar to a "new". It is interesting how a "new" propels you forward. Take for instance karate. It takes you in a direction. You are in the class and classesí string together like a road, karate, the car. HOWEVER, before the journey was, the "new". Your spirit wanted to try something and the choice was made to try karate. Your spirit moved forward to the classes and you envisioned yourself doing well or even envisioned your blackbelt. All that is left is for your body to join your spirit, already at karate.

   It's new, itís exciting, it is different...You are propelled forward by the "new". Already your spirit is at class and your body rushes out the door to catch up! Shortly thereafter you buy some wood try some breaking, try punching out a candle, and finally turn out a light with your super front kick!

 How long can the "new" push you through karate practices? Before long, the "new" wears off...You only think of "having" to go to class at the last minute rather than "wanting" to go to class. Thinking of what you could get done at home. The classes aren't that exciting. Same ol' same ol'. To 9 out of 10 this happens before green belt. To some after blackbelt. How do those people who've been in karate for 20 or 30 years and more do it?

   You have to keep it "new". Karate dojos and associations offer camps and clinics to help you "keep it new"; however, YOU must be responsible for your own kind of "new"! Try challenging yourself with the knowledge you have. Wood breaking/? Try speed breaks, multiple or bottle, fire or ice something to add "new" to your karate. Weapons? Make one, enter a contest, hit each other, and challenge your ability. Sensei talks about spirit? Buy a book, visit a web site. Challenge your dojo mates. Show up early. Surprise someone!

  Those with many years experience have probably done this. LOL! My friends and I have done many! things to keep it "new"

Is your spirit waning? Ask your Sensei or Dai Sempai, how they keep it "new". Their answer may help send your spirit on a "new" journey!

-what have you done to keep it new!-


"Karate is like hot water...If you don't continue to add hot, it will soon cool."



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