The night I skipped class

by Sensei Mike Pepe

I feigned ill one night so I didn't have to go to karate class. I just didn't feel like doing the workout and having sensei tell me "do this and do that."

 "If you're going to stay home from karate tonight, you best change into some work clothes because I could use a little help around here." My mother said.

"Yes mom." I replied (I was always polite. My karate taught me that!) "Go to the store and get me some flour so I can bake some bread and be back before dark

please." Off I went. The store was two miles away and I took my time…Too much time. By the time I got the flour, it was almost dark and so I started to jog

home and then run with the ten pounds of flour! Exhausted I made it home just in time for mom to tell me to chop some wood. "I hear it's going to be cold this

weekend." Well I chopped and I chopped till my shoulders burned then I chopped some more. Near the end, I had to grunt and yell on most every swing of the axe

to get more power. That's when I heard a faint "meow, meow." I could hear the family cat high in a tree. Now I have climbed that tree a million times I know

every branch and every leaf! Now it was dark and the tree looked completely different... I climbed slow trying to remember where the branches were that I knew

so well in the daylight. The darkness made every step seem important. Balance was at a premium and at one point I was standing on one foot with both hands

over my head, my other foot searching for support, one false move and I'd fall.  As I reached the cat, she looked at me with what I would swear was a playful

grin and darted past making her way to the ground below. Now it was my turn to descend. But now I had to do it backwards and in the dark! Safely on the ground

I went to the house for a drink. "Don't even think of coming in here till you take those sneakers off!" As she pointed to my filthy 'sneaks. 


Now, as I knelt down to take my sneakers off, I thought. Then I thought again.  Then I laughed and then I plopped right down on the floor and sat there laughing

till my sides hurt. I guess you don't always have to go to karate class to have a karate class!!


The world is the dojo...


A warrior rambling

Sensei Mike





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