by Sensei Mike Pepe

Did you ever notice that when you spar you get scored on a lot? Well, think of yourself as a general. That's right, and you control the troops that protect the

fort. The fort is of course, your body and the troops are your hands and feet!  You position your "troops" before the battle to defend the "fort" and the object

is not to let the enemy in! Sometimes you need to bring the troops from one side of the fort to the other to protect a weak spot in the fort from the onslaught

of the enemy. Sending out a scout in the form of a backfist/jab to see how the enemy will react is good. But then you leave the fort unprotected (for a

moment). Always bring them back to protect position! This means don't leave your punches hanging! I guess the point I'm trying to make is... during sparring

there really is more going on than just throwing more punches and kicks than your opponent.


Good luck in your training,


A warrior rambling

Sensei Mike





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