Safety First

by Sensei Mike Pepe

No one signs up for karate to "get hurt".

If the application stated, "you will get beat up" not many would sign on the dotted line. People assume the atmosphere and the training are safe and they don't give it a second thought.

 They imagine karate is something fun. Others are doing it and the environment is safe.

Martial arts students also assume that they will leave the dojo unscathed and will continue their "other" life outside karate.


  Unfortunately, "karate" training comes with many dangerous situations. These opportunities for danger arise almost from the first training session.

  Karate is inherently dangerous. The act of kicking and punching at another person sounds like trouble in the making and at higher levels, there is accepted contact to the body and face. 

 Dangerous situations can be minimized by the mandatory use of head, mouth shin and hand protection. Softer floors, easier exercises, sans jewelry, etc, etc.

Much of this allows for people with admitted bad knees-bad backs- and all sorts of other sports ending injuries to practice the art of karate.

    Should safety be taken to such extremes?

In order to advance you must push yourself to your limits. It is what makes mankind advance. The drive to succeed, to advance, to do better.

In order to find ones outer limits, you must break through them. You must not be held back by the fear of injury.

    How would you know how much you can take if you don't take it. Of course, a mouthpiece is a good idea. However, throwing a wimpy kick because you'll hurt your shin doesn't get you anywhere.

 You should often break out of your comfort zone while training to push the limits of your ability.


Yes, you will be injured at some time during your martial arts training otherwise you're not trying hard enough!


Only those willing to risk going too far will know how far they can go.

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