The Birth of a Legend

by Sensei Mike Pepe

In 300BC, after taking a medicine for an illness, Pin Chuh's eyes were so bright he could see through walls. Of course, he could see all things inside

the human body including organs and stomach. He began to heal people and was respected. At this, time the Prime Minister of Lu Country and another big general from

Wei country fell ill. Pin Chuh knew what the problem was. They would do better if they switched hearts. He then preformed a double heart transplant. Both men

remained healthy.

  Hua Tao was a famous surgeon about the year 190AD. One patient had a lump near one eyebrow. Hua Tao operated and a yellow sparrow flew out of the lump.

  As recently as the early 1900 Morihei Ueshiba felt, he could not be killed. He would allow military marksmen to shoot at him. He first let them sign a wavier

Releasing them from harm should he fail. Then he stood 75 feet away from six marksmen. Oh, and of course there is an impeccable eyewitness. Gozo Shida who

was a skeptic of Ueshiba so wouldn't lie if there were a trick! The six marksmen fire and they miss! Suddenly Ueshiba is behind the 6 and they don't know how he

got there! To prove it was no trick he does it again.


 It is written that Motobu Choki was 7feet 4inches tall.


  There is tell of a man who can change the weather using his internal energy.


 Although these stories are "skeptical" you can still find them in prominent books by well-known authors. They are legends. Stories that may have

started with a little truth. Maybe some are stories to make one sensei appear better than another. Nevertheless, we martial arts enthusiasts care little.

  You see, as we students travel our road in the martial arts every style has a story of wild proportions about sensei "X" or "Many years ago…" and as students, we listen in

wonder to every last word whether it is true or false. It starts with a little story about your sensei then is enhanced when told by another student then

stretched when passed along to another. Stories of wonder and might that inspire us to train harder. And of course, as sensei, we feel compelled to pass to our

students every legend we hear, regardless of how outrageous, thereby keeping these and all stories of old and new alive for another generation to ponder…Are

they fact or fiction.


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