Looking back

by Sensei Mike Pepe

I wonder who I would have been if I didn't train in karate. Would I have made the same decisions without a martial arts background?

 You've got to wonder sometime what kind of person would have blossomed from your core. We hope our choices have good results, but would we have

made those same choices without sensei molding our brain year after year?

 If you could look over your life, like looking across a field, I'd bet you'd see the flowers of karate popping up all through your life. Don't get me wrong,

there may still be some weeds in the field but then again, training isn't over.

 I guess you really don't realize how much your life has been affected by your karate till you sit back and review. Maybe now is a good time to stop and smell

the flowers.

 Mother’s day? Thank your sensei. She's like a mother to you. Father's day? Thank your sensei, he's like a father to you. Oh, and while you’re at it, thank your

karate training, it's your life's blood. Remember, if you're a student, be a good student. If you're a sensei, be a good sensei and if you’re training… just










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